The BCR Association is composed of two components:

  • The BCR Association is a registered society in the Province of B.C. and
  • we also have a registered Charitable Trust with a federal tax receipt number.

The BCR Association’s Objectives or purposes of the Society are:

  • To promote fellowship among all ranks of former and present members of the BC Regiment, and the units it perpetuates, including but not limited to, The 7th Bn 1st British Columbia Regiment, 28th Armoured Regiment(BCR) and related Cadet Corps.
  • To support the Regiment and Cadet Corps.
  • To further the traditions of the Regiment and Cadet Corps.

The Objectives of the BCR Association Charitable Trust are:

  • To teach and promote the theory and practice of the principles of good citizenship and co-operation.
  • To provide scholaships and bursaries to past and present members of the Regiment and/or its Cadet Corps.
  • To teach and promote the history of the Regiment, including making available to the public educational material on the history of the Regiment, and to perpetuate the contribution made by members of the Regiment to society, and
  • To teach and promote public awareness of the place of the Regiment in Canadian history.

BCR Association Contact Information

President Robert A. Remple
Vice-President Gayle J. Hawthorne
Treasurer Jerry A. Couling
Secretary Sandra Young
Director at Large Roger W. Prouse
Director at Large James D. Barrett
Director at Large Graydon Young