Duke climbers who completed their ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa (19,341’), on Thursday, 6 February 2014.  Our Dukes (LCol Sajjan, Maj Lindsay, Maj Virk, 2Lt Ellis, WO Harris, Sgt Clews, MCpls Boxall, Carswell, and Lee, Cpls Cheema, Fleming, Halpin, Palmer, Pansegrau and Togeretz) and Regimental Mascot MCpl Duke A. Bear were accompanied by friends of the Regimental Family, Sgt (R) Chris Alden, PPCLI, Ranjiv Sandhu and “Na” Utumporn Aupatcha.

 The climbers were met at the foot of the mountain by the Honorary Colonel, Ted Hawthorne, and our friends of the Regimental Family, Azmina Jivan and Salim Jiwa.  Our climbers were then treated to a pasta luncheon complete with large bottles of Kilimanjaro beer or Coke compliments of the Honorary Colonel who congratulated them all.  After a memorable good bye to the 62 porters and guides, our climbers headed to the African Tulip Hotel in Arusha for a much anticipated hot shower!!

 On behalf of the entire Regimental Family we congratulate you for your tremendous accomplishment and for your service and commitment.  This climb was a brilliant example of Regimental team building and development of endurance skills which are the hallmark of any armoured recce unit. 

Special thanks to the Regimental Association for taking the lead in this project and to the many friends of our Regimental Family who so generously stepped forward to fund this most worthwhile event.

The members were then treated to a two day safari consisting of a tour of the Lake Manyara National Park area and stay at the Serena Safari Lodge on the first day and a tour of the Ngorongoro Highlands and crater on the second day.

On the climbers’ return to Vancouver, they were met at YVR by a greeting party of the Regimental Association complete with piper.  What a welcome home!



Christmas Dinner

The annual Junior Ranks Christmas Dinner was held on 14th December 13. Dinner was followed by Promotions, Squadron skits, tug of war and the traditional horse races.

CO’s PARADE – 6 November 2013

The CO’s Parade for November was once again a very busy night with over 100 serving members on parade. The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Harjit S. Sajjan, addressed the Regiment and acknowledged the very high tempo of operations in the unit which was clearly evident throughout the evening. Colonel Sajjan then proceeded with the following program:

1. Swearing In Ceremony: Pte Blouin was sworn in and welcomed to the Regiment by the Commanding Officer and TQMS, MWO Huf Mullick.


2. Promotions to Trooper by Honorary Colonel Ted Hawthorne:

Tpr Mackay

Tpr Aliakbar

Tpr Tessa

Tpr Ferrer

Tpr Park

Tpr Sutherland;


3. Promotions to Corporal by Lieutenant Colonel Harjit Sajjan:

Cpl Parker

Cpl Lafferty

Cpl Fancy

Cpl Lee