BC Regiment | Recce Squadron
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Recce Squadron


G-Wagon (CRV) during exercise in Ft-Lewis Washington, USA

Reconnaissance Squadron members train in tactical driving, weapons, navigation, and communications.  The primary vehicle used is the G-Wagon CRV (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle).  Training occurs on Wednesday night’s and select weekends.


The Squadron takes part in several field exercises throughout the year from September to May. Reconnaissance Squadron field exercises are held once a month on weekends, longer ten day Brigade level exercises are held usually in spring and summer.


During the summer months members are encouraged to take courses or if available be employed on one of Canada’s training bases. Reconnaissance Squadron exercises take place throughout BC, Alberta and the USA. Reconnaissance Squadron soldiers also get the opportunity to take part in training exercise or courses with our NATO allies.


Urban Warfare, Chilliwack, BC


Survival Training near Mackenzie, BC


Recce Squadron patrol in Chilcotin, BC